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Schweden Aktiv offers winter holidays of a special kind and all inclusive. Enjoy a beautiful winter wonderland you can find nowhere else. Book a vacation at Schweden Aktiv and let the adventure begin. We offer you features you will never forget - frozen waterfalls, moose in their natural habit and geographical impressions.

The Schweden Aktiv Adventure Resort is located in the north of Dalarna. We can offer everything you want to experience. How would be a Snow-Scooter-Tour? Dress warm and feel the wind on your face. Directly in front of the house is a lighted cross country circuit located. If you like it more romantic, ice fishing might be the right event for you. There are many lakes around Schweden Aktiv and we will give you all the equipment you need – therefore all inclusive.


Enjoy hiking with snow shoes or skiing at the slope

We will hike with snow shoes to the highest waterfall in Sweden which is fully frozen from top to bottom. This tour is made for everyone and won’t be forgotten easily. After an adventures hike we will start an open fire and grill moose sausages.

Close by is a big ski area with 42 slopes. You can show what you got and burn off your energy on ski or snowboard. Schweden Aktiv offers you a vacation in winter no one else can offer you. Travel alone, à deux or as a group. Enjoy the quiet time and get spoiled.

Our events can be choses individually and booked over our booking form.



Our events can be individually selected and booked in the booking form.


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