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About us

Tom and Chris

In the past few years both have made their mark in the adventure/ wilderness field of Sweden. The survival team guides adventurous guests through the swedish wilderness since many years. Whether in winter at  - 35-45 degrees with snow shoes in the Fjäll, at ice-fishing, husky adventures etc., or in summer when canoeing, wilderness trekking and much more, with Chris and Tom you can feel safe and in good hands. Years of experience and education in the medical and athletic field are the basics of both guides. Adventure tours with Chris and Tom stand for life, fun and unforgettable impressions of the nature. Their slogan: "Even the furthermost way starts with the first step, first do the necessary, then the possible - and suddenly you can accomplish the impossible!"



Malte developed his passion for Sweden as a child. Through numerous family holidays, then later by trekking and canoe trips throughout Scandinavia, he has discovered his love of nature.

Because of his outdoor experiences Malte accompanies our tours and is involved in outdoor activities.


Company of the year 2013

The award (diploma and plaque) was presented by the municipality of  Älvdalen.

Tom und Chris - Unternehmer des Jahres

Every year the best / most successful new companies (companies that are not older than 2 years) are selected by the municipality. There are several companies to choose from, which are nominated by communities, businesses and associations.


The most commonly suggested companies are presented to a committee, which will elect the winner.


Translation of the diploma:


Business Newcomer of the year in the municipality of Älvdalen is a committed couple, who created a completely new life in a new country. This company exists since 2012.

The entrepreneurs managed to build up a business within a short amount of time, due to dedication, determination and curiousity. The entrepreneurs are Newcomer business of the year because they proved great desire, commitment and action.


The municipality of Älvdalen presents this award to

Christiane and Tom Schreiber of Schweden Aktiv

Newcomer Business of the year 2013.


Tom and Christiane have built up a completely new life and a new company, after emigrating from Germany to Sweden. They managed to create a profitable company in Nornäs within a short amount of time. They have transformed the village’s former school into a popular Bed & Breakfast and Adventure camp.


Christiane and Tom Schreiber are good role-models for other companies and show that is possible to come far with determination, courage and initiative, not only to move to another country but also to start a successful company with a systematic business plan.


The Schweden Aktiv Adventure Resort

An impressive estate awaits you. A modern compound of 700 square meters and a wilderness property of 10000 square meters, directly located at Lake Noren, surrounded by the Swedish wilderness, which has simply everything to offer, what you are looking for during your holidays. This is always the start and the destination of our tours.


Schweden Aktiv at Lake Noren

Our camp is directly located at the banks of the impressive Lake Noren, so you can enjoy the peaceful countryside right at our doorstep. The lake offers many opportunities to have fun, such as a bathing beach and isles and coves for comforting fishing. Its deep blue water is home to gigantic fish populations.

Schweden Aktiv

Fäbodvägen 1, 78069 Sörsjön

+46 (0)70 366 2083

+46 (0)70 2075 441


Welcome to Schweden Aktiv!

Company of the year  2013

The award (diploma and plaque) was presented by the municipality of  Älvdalen.

Tom und Chris - Unternehmer des Jahres